Insights on Paras Chopra’s Podcast with Kunal Shah

Achyut Tiwari
3 min readSep 6, 2021

Status drives us

Kunal frequently talks about Status in his talk and podcasts. As we know humans apes superior humans. Today tech nerds wants to ape Elon Musk, Earlier people used to ape Kings as we have seen in case of popularity of potato’s and sugar. In the same way Kunal talks about how a person will trust a person who owns a S class rather than a person who own a vespa scooter. Society has been like that from very earlier than we can imagine If one knows the history of Mauryan and Gupta empire, Guptas consciously modelled themselves on the Maurayan Empire(One of the greatest empire of that time), not only they share a common name Chandragupta Maurya, but the Gupta went out of their way to put their inscription next to Mauryan ones.

Kunal says Kings turned into the new countries then to leaders and goes to Big Companies and you wouldn’t imagine what Indian Republic did when the time came our forefathers selected the Pillars of Ashoka(which is is an adaptation of the Lion Capital of Ashoka from 250 BCE at Sarnath, the capital of Mauryan Empire) to be our National emblem the one you see on your passports, Same with the Indian Flag they choose the Ashoka chakra i.e the idea of Universal Monarch/the universal wheel.

Kunal and Paras talks about the Lions alpha characteristics which is fascinating, Indians has always been fascinated with the Status of Lion in the Jungle and we have copied them to show our greatness by adopting them on our national emblem same with the Sinhalese people who believe that they are ancestors of Lions. Even naming of Singapore which comes from the Sanskrit word Singhapura (Singha which means Lion and pura which means city). Even with the Indian surname Singh which is inspired from Lion.

Kunal talks about how Singapore is a wealth management company which is fascinating.then it comes to the experiment of capitalism and communism on South Korea and North Korea and how per capita income of South Korea kept on increasing under Military.

We need Free Trade, industrialisation and Capitalism to increase per capita income.

How to create Trust?

South Korean people do facial surgery to ape Japanese people to increase the trust, So that they can raise their status and wealth.

Jews build institutions such as hospitals, schools and Temples to grow in India.

Parsi owned cars used to sell by 15% more margins

Kutchi Community create a Trust ecosystem by regulating people with harsh penalties.

TATA as a brand creates trust by keeping their word. It is fascinating how small things shape things.

Kunal’s take on Amazon

Desires are created on Instagram and delivered on Amazon.Jeff’s problem is to how he can raise universal per capita income so that people can buy more products on amazon.

How India is a low trust society?

Indians have massive mistrust in Indian Institutions. Indian Judiciary has around 40 years of cases pending. Government is unable to enforce Law that repels people from working with others and thus create a low trust environment.

How Kunal is different from an average person?

Kunal isn’t envious about people’s status he is envious about People’s Skill.

Philosophy of CRED

Cred’s vision is to create a parallel society of high trust Individuals.

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